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General » Looking for work in China
Please contact as stated above since we don't reply on the forum to individual job application inquiries.
General » Looking for work in China
Amazing offer. The dream job is here. Are you from a native English country and holding a University degree in any discipline? Ready to go to work right away in the public school systems in China earning between $2000-$2500 U.S. with free accommodation and repaid air fare working 19 hours per week? NOW: FREE TESOL Tuition! All paid for you - and it's a life time certificate valid in 90 countries! Do the training online and in a few weeks have the complete certificate which is valid for life and a guaranteed job with opportunities to earn extra income teaching privately and with added benefits. Contact with your phone contact, skype id and country of residence.
General » Another fresh teacher arrives on the scene
Send us your resume and head/shoulder picture and we will position you for a job. Send to
General » Teaching in Hong Kong
A reminder again that when applying for overseas jobs, contact us for verification and for the use of agencies we have used for years - reliable and real.
General » TESOL Foundation Course with Kathy Ezard
Hi Brenda! Just saw this. Please email me your resume and head/shoulder picture and we'll take it from there! Thanks
General » My first teaching job in China after graduating from TESOL
Don't give up Whitney. There are many teachers who have never taught in the past who are doing well in China. If you are ready to try it again, we have several agents that provide plenty of support and can help to ease the first-time worries. Thousands of teachers have taught in China with great success.
General » Bachelors Degree
Great! But don't wait until you finish the online since we can secure a job for you now - we have hundreds. Send your resume AND head/shoulder picture and my assistant will ensure that you have a job offer in a matter of days complete with free apt for a year repaid air, and a good salary with all benefits and holidays. This is a great time of year to file your application!
General » Bachelors Degree
Hi Tishica!
I am Director of Eastern Canada operations for Global TESOL College and we operate TESOL courses in Eastern Canada as well as in the Russian Federation and various European countries. The degree is an issue if you are non-native. if you are from Canada or the U.S. the bulk of well paying non-degree jobs are in China and we have agents from the Toronto office that place people in these jobs. If you are in Western Canada and wish to do the in-class course, contact the phone number on the home page. if you are in Eastern Canada and wish to take the course in either Toronto (offered every month), Montreal, Ottawa or Prince Edward Island, contact me at - we will assist you with the training and the job automatically once my staff has reviewed your resume. Good luck, Jim
General » Applying as a couple
Hi Rachael

Please send your resume and picture as well as your partners resume and picture to . We will package them together and send to the agents indicating that both must be placed in the same area. We do this type of arrangement regularly with great results.
Also, for your info, we now have great jobs open in Thailand and in Costa Rica, along with the fabulous ones in Shanghai and in Mainland China!
General » Power Language Training in Hangzhou, China. How is teaching at this school?
Send us your resume and head/shoulder picture and we'll find out what is available for you!