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  Teaching English in India  

Teaching English in India



Population: 1,027,015,248   Capital: New Delhi     Currency: Rupee

Languages: Hindi, English plus 21 other languages but has over 800 recorded languages and over 2000 dialects

More Information on India: India offers a diverse land with mountains and skiing in the north to tropical beaches in the south. Mumbai and New Delhi offer huge cities of shopping, markets, restaurants, and many attractions. Outlying areas offer numerous palaces, nature reserves, and beautiful country to see and explore.


Teachers Needed in India

India has fast become an information technology giant in the world with many companies outsourcing work here. This influx of customer service representatives and IT and business employees has created a demand for formal English teachers despite English being an official language.

For more information about teaching in India and becoming an overseas English teacher contact Global Tesol.

Apart from being the heritage land of mountains and topical beaches, India is also known as one of major the information technology hub in the world. With several outsourcing companies, BPO’s, and KPO’s working here, the usage of English as a formal language has been greater than ever before. Moreover, population in India is growing at an exponential rate, creating a huge number of career conscious people. These eventually lead to a rise in the demand for English speaking communities. Owing to factors such as these, the demand for English language teachers is always on the rise.

To teach English in India any teachers from a foreign country will need to apply for an India Employment Visa. The application for the same can be completed at any local embassy or in any consulate office. To teach English in India, a TESOL certification will be an added advantage, especially to grip opportunities in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Global TESOL College offers TESOL and ESL (English as a second language) courses that train and qualify teachers to teach English in India as well as in any foreign country. You can also grab an exciting placement as an international English teacher in any of your preferred country after completing TESOL course from Global TESOL College.


University Degree and Global TESOL College Certificate

Monthly Salary:

Generally low Volunteer (0 INR) – 33,190 INR

Typical Contract:

One year

High Hiring Season:

Peak Hiring season

Teaching Hours/Week:


Private Tutoring:



Rarely included


Not included

Health Care:

Private insurance is needed


Three public holidays in India


English teachers will need to apply for an Indian Employment Visa. The application can be completed at a local embassy or consulate office.

Income Tax:

0-30 %

Exchange rate:

$ 1 CAN = 44 INR

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