Teaching English In South Korea

Teaching English in South Korea

South Korea


Population: 49,024,737     Capital: Seoul     Currency: Won

Languages: Korean

More Information on South Korea: South Korea is a mix of big city and traditional countryside. Explore Seoul's arts and culture, restaurants, and big city life. Enjoy skiing, kayaking, and rafting in the mountains or swimming at exotic beaches. Visit ancient temples and view traditional festivals. South Korea offers inexpensive living, good shopping, and great culture.


English teaching in South Korea can give you the experience of a life time. Teaching in South Korea is the perfect opportunity to travel as well as stay in a country that offers great culture, good outdoor activities, and inexpensive leaving.

To teach English in South Korea you would require a university degree and a global TESOL certificate. Teacher’s certification program offered by Global TESOL College empowers the graduates to teach English anywhere around the world. After the completion of the TESOL course, which can be pursued both on-site and online, teachers are free to pick up any destination of their choice.

Global TESOL College also offers unique placement that would assist you seeking a job in order to teach English in South Korea. With a low cost of living, free airfare, and included housing, South Korea reserves the best opportunities in the field of teaching along with high pay packages. Every year thousands of TESOL certified teachers are recruited to teach English in South Korea. So one thing that you have assured yourself is plenty of job opportunities and options of high saving. Aside, traditional Korean culture, exotic beaches, Seoul's arts and mesmerizing sceneries will fill your heart with unforgettable memories.

Teachers Needed in South Korea

With a world class economy dependent on exporting, English teachers are in large demand. Teaching opportunities span teaching English in Seoul or in smaller cities and villages in the countryside to students ranging from business people to children in schools or private institutions.

The average salary is 1.5 - 2 million KRW, the average cost of living is 500,000 - 600,000 KRW, and vacation time is typically paid. Both accommodations and health care are provided.

For more information about teaching in South Korea and becoming an overseas English teacher contact Global Tesol.



University Degree and Global TESOL College Certificate

Monthly Salary:

1.8 – 2 million KRW

Typical Contract:

One year

High Hiring Season:

All year round

Teaching Hours/Week:


Private Tutoring:

115,500 LAK


Included ( Does not include utilities)



Health Care:





Include a valid passport, two passport-size photographs, resume submitted for the job that was offered, copies of al diplomas and relevant academic certifications (including TESOL Certification), the original contract r job offer provided by the Korean school, the job description of the English teaching position that has been accepted

Income Tax:

8-10 %

Exchange rate:

$ 1 CAN = 1,092 KRW

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