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  Teaching English in Russia

Teaching English in Russia


145,184,000   Capital: Moscow   Currency: Ruble

Languages: Russian + 30 other official languages

More Information on Russia: Russia is well known for its cold winters and short summers but also offers cities steeped in history and amazing shrines and museums. Russian people are friendly and have an exciting nightlife.

Russia offers a vast land to explore and great cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow, and others to visit.


Teachers Needed in Russia

Russia is an emerging democratic economy and is in demand of English teachers for business and schools.

The average monthly salary is 12,000 - 25,000 RUB, the average monthly cost of living is 7,000 - 12,000 RUB, and vacation time is typically not paid. Accommodations are usually provided whereas health care coverage will depend on the teaching position. For more information about teaching in Russia and becoming an overseas English teacher contact Global Tesol.

Russia is a country rich in culture, heritage, and offers numerous activities for the expats. Being the emerging economy of the world, Russia is significantly promoting English to keep pace with the global business scenario. Therefore, to address the need of English speaking communities the demand for English teachers is especially high in Russia. The country with a blend of old Russian architecture and contemporary skyscrapers, welcomes you with exciting opportunity to teach, earn, and also settle down in the midst of their culture.

With a TESOL or TEFL certification in hand, it becomes much easier to grab a lucrative opportunity in Russian schools and colleges. A TESOL or a TEFL certification will be an added advantage for a non-native English teacher to teach English in Russia. A TEFL certified teacher is more likely to get a better opportunity along with an increased the pay package. Global TESOL College offer TESOL, TEFL, EFL and other diploma and certificate programs that qualify you to teach English in Russia, or in any of your preferred international locations. The certification from Global TESOL College is associated with other benefits too. The college has a unique placement cell that assists you in securing an employment overseas and certifies you as an international English teacher.


University Degree and Global TESOL College Certificate

Monthly Salary:

18,800-45,000 RUB

Typical Contract:

Six months, nine months, and one year

High Hiring Season:

August, September, October

Teaching Hours/Week:


Private Tutoring:

330-990 RUB /hr


Usually included


Sometimes included

Health Care:



Sometimes paid


Can be filed both within and outside Russia . Usually this process is employer-assisted

Income Tax:

13-30 %

Exchange rate:

$ 1 CAN = 28.7 RUB

Important Notes:

Very small TESOL market

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