Teaching English in Thailand  

Teaching English in Thailand



Population: 68,093,072       Capital: Bangkok      Currency: Baht

Languages: Thai

More Information on Thailand: Thailand offers a large modern city with Bangkok and offers modern transportation, restaurants, and shopping mixed with over 400 Buddhist temples to explore and visit. Thailand offers a relaxed environment with plenty of time to visit some of the best beaches and scuba diving available in the world and time to enjoy the tropical climate that is available year round.


Teachers Needed in Thailand

Bangkok is a growing financial and industrial hub of Southeast Asia and is where the majority of teaching positions are available.

As Thailand is one of the emerging industrial hubs of south East Asia and the country’s export grows, English has become very important to the Thais. With lot of employees working in tourism and other industries that require the use of English, Thais need foreigners to come and teach English in Thailand. Teaching has now become one of the best professional to live and work in Thailand.

To teach English in Thailand you need a university degree and a TESOL certificate. Global TESOL College offers TESOL certification program that empowers the teachers to teach English overseas or locally. Global TESOL College has expanded the courses to include advanced and professional diploma programs to meet the requirement for English teachers worldwide. To teach English in Thailand, a global TESOL certification is a real advantage to easily secure an employment.

Thai culture is opposed to criticism against teachers, so teaching can be quite a pleasant experience in Thailand. Apart from this teaching in Thailand brings along a long list of exciting opportunities for including scuba diving in some of the best beaches of the world.

The average salary is 20,000 - 40,000 THB, the average cost of living is 15,000 - 18,000 THB, and vacation time is typically paid. Accommodations are not provided but Health Insurance is typically provided with teaching positions. For more information about teaching in Thailand and becoming an overseas English teacher contact Global Tesol.



University Degree and Global TESOL College Certificate

Monthly Salary:

25,000-40,000 THB

Typical Contract:

One year

High Hiring Season:

All year round

Teaching Hours/Week:


Private Tutoring:

500-1000 THB /hr


Sometimes included


Rarely included

Health Care:





Employer assisted

Income Tax:

5-37 %

Exchange rate:

$ 1 CAN = 31 THB

Important Notes:

Accommodations usually easy to find and inexpensive. Degree not always required if applying in person.

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