Hanoi, Vietnam
  Teaching English in Vietnam  

Teaching English in Vietnam



Population: 76,323,173   Capital: Hanoi    Currency: Dong

Languages: Vietnamese

More Information on Vietnam: Vietnam offers friendly people, a relaxed environment, amazing beauty, and a warm tropical climate year round. Most of Vietnam consists of mountains and hills and offers breathtaking scenery and an abundance of history. Ho Chi Min and Hanoi offer cities with European and Chinese influences with great cuisine and many museums and beautiful parks.
  Teachers Needed in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in the world with a GNP increase over 8% in the last few years. This growth places a demand on learning the world's business language - English.

The average salary is 10 - 25 million VND, the average cost of living is 2 - 3 million VND, and vacation time is typically paid. Accommodations and Health Insurance are not provided with all positions. For more information about teaching in Vietnam and becoming an overseas English teacher contact Global Tesol.



University Degree and Global TESOL College Certificate

Monthly Salary:

10-35 million VND

Typical Contract:

One year

High Hiring Season:

All year round

Teaching Hours/Week:


Private Tutoring:

200,000-500,000 VND /hr


Assistance included


Sometimes included

Health Care:

Sometimes included




Employer assisted

Income Tax:

10-40 %

Exchange rate:

$ 1 CAN = 18,000 VND

Important Notes:

TESOL market expanding rapidly. Most jobs are arranged in Vietnam

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